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What is an LPG Service

If your car runs on an LPG system you need to have an LPG service to make sure it is working efficiently. This service is different from your general car service as LPG is a specialised system that needs a separate and rigorous safety checks that normally can’t be done while performing a general car service. The rule of thumb for an LPG service is usually 20,000km or every 12 months.

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Why you need regular LPG servicing

A regular LPG service helps to maintain your vehicle and increases its performance and durability. If you don’t maintain a regular service routine you will open your LPG system up to varying issues that include running lean, running rich, ignition system problems and LPG convertor failure.

Running lean symptoms :

  • hard starting
  • poor idling
  • poor acceleration
  • backfiring.

Running rich symptoms:

  • hard starting
  • excessive fuel consumption
  • ignition system problems
Over time LPG system components wear out. One of the most important components that needs to be regularly checked is the LPG convertor. On average they have a 10 year life expectancy but should be checked thoroughly during every LPG service.

Also note that your LPG tank needs to be tested every 10 years to make sure it is structurally sound.

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